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    700br Service Manual

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    Age: 6-10 years Refrig is cold in top section, warm in bottom drawers. I see the fan working which blows cold to the bottom. With the top drawer out, you can bring on the fan by pushing in the bottom drawer only!

    Service Manual KiaSub-zero 700br Service Manual

    Product Specifications and Manuals. Cat 589 Parts Manual on this page. Use this page to access design specifications, use and care manuals, cad files, downloads, installation guides and other documentation about current and past Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove product models. Quick Manual Search. 700BR BASE UNIT ALL REF. Parts Manual: 700. Service Manual: 700. UC SERIES CONDENSED ELECTRONIC CONTROL INFORMATION BOOKLET. Service Manual must be referenced. 700BR & 700BF Communication Error between. Cannot find my service manual for this series. 561 this morning and then to a home with a 700BFI and a 700BR. Sub-Zero 700BR User Manual. In addition, be aware of local codes and ordinances when installing your service. The Integrated Refrigeration Installation Instructions packed with the appliance will give you step-by-step procedures for making sure the unit is installed properly.

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    Guessing it should not work that way. There are two sets of drawer switches. One pair for each drawer. Somehow one of the switches for the top drawer is frozen with ice, and peaking behind the back panel, I can see ice built up beside that one switch. I imagine we need to get that one working.

    What would have cased ice right there only= and no where else? Once if get that working, I', guessing I need to see baffles open and close - if I can get to them. Are the baffles which control the top/bottom air flow, accessible through the top section with the big door, or through the bottom section with the drawers? I see 4 screws which appear to hold in the back panel behind the two drawers plus a few screws at the top, near the fan. I've removed all of them, but the back panel won't come out. It is loose at the top and on the right, but something is holding it? Any tips are much appreciated.

    Have not worked on one of these for a while.The fan circulates the air from the bottom to the top. We will start at the evaporator coils, located in the evap. Remove the bottom drawer and remove the four or five screws holding the sump cover.remove the cover.You should see the evap coils.Are the coils ' fully frosted '??? If the coil;s are full frosted there could be a restriction in the air ducts.The fan in the sump moves the air thru the coils and up thru the rear panel.Each drawer has it's own switch.Open drawer, fan stops. Close drawer fan starts.. If ice is forming on the switches it could be moisture/condensation coming from somewhere..I would look at the door gaskets, are they in good shape???

    No tears or gaps 2016 Vw Tiguan User Manual here. ???. Cannot find my service manual for this series. What is the temp of the drawers??.fresh food section?? Can you post a picture of the evaporator after it has been running for at least an hour???Have you removed the panel on the front and vacuumed the condenser coils??? Ok.thanks for responding. I feel like I have been in the Saraha Desert.starving for (water) info on this unit! I have the unit working for now.

    The frozen drawer switch was keeping the lower section from cooling.but the service light will not clear, so I do not think I am out of the woods yet. I have thoroughly cleaned the condenser coil. This puppy has 2 sets of evap coils. It is refrig at the top and 2 lower refrig doors. You can read the actual evap temps on the display by pressing some buttons. Both the upper and lower show about 30 degrees and can hold set temps for the refrig areas at 38, at least for now. I'll be at the house in a week or so and can take some pics.

    One of my problems is that I could never get the back panel off which is behind the drawers. I could get the right side loose, but I never could free up and remove the left side. All you see there is 4 screws, and that's kind of frustrating. My understanding is that the service light comes on, whenever the unit senses that the compressor has run too long. You can reset the light but it comes back on.

    It seems the unit runs most or all the time. I think I read somewhere in the links below that by pressing buttons, the unit will display the hours it has run etc! Have not tried that yet. If you lost your manual, I can help. All of the manuals are available online for free at this site! There you can view the parts, diagnostics, components, electronics, you name it!

    I did find a bad place in the lower drawer seal and that could have cause the ice on the evap coil which was right next to the ice build up on the drawer switch. I've fixed the seal, and don;t know if we are still getting ice build up or not. Can check this next week too. Quik-fixit, could you kindly send me a direct email to me at etbrown4 (you know the symbol) I think we might do better if we can just email back and forth, if that works for you. Many thanks for any tips you might pick up from the electronic manuals.esp how to remove the back panel of the lower section, as described the components section!

    Last edited by etbrown4; November 2nd, 2011 at 10:06 PM. Edbrown4.could you recheck the model number again??? A 700TR has one evaporator coil..A 700-2TR has two evap coils. 561 this morning and then to a home with a 700BFI and a 700BR ( under counter version of a 700tr ). So when you said that you had TWO evap. Coils I was wondering.

    We will keep the missives to the forum in case another more enlightened tech. Has better/ correct answers. The panel could be stuck with ice, ( the proverbial ice ball at the cap tube to evap coil ). Keep us posted.( I am never wrong, I just may not always be right ).

    These appliances are Star-Kcertified from the factory to meet strict religious regulations in conjunction with specific instructions found on extra wiring harness is required. One of the more popular models of the Integrated line, this handy two drawer refrigeration system is a must for large and small homes alike. It is a perfect illustration of the concept of a refrigeration system where you can place units where they make the most sense. They can stand alone or work together with other Sub-Zeromodels to satisfy anyone’s needs. Many homeowners are using them to supplement the main Built-Inunit that is installed in the home. With a temperature range of 34˚F (1˚C) to 45˚F (7˚C), they are perfect for beverages and vegetables in the island application.