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    Ea Repair Manual

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    View, read and download service manual for AKAI EA-27, learn how to repair it, fix failures or solve other issues. INSTANT DOWNLOAD for factory, Chilton & Haynes service repair manuals. Repair manual PDF.

    Here are the Subaru Manuals that I have available for free download. Afraid I don’t have any others. Subaru • – December 1995 – PDF – 1.5 Mb Subaru EA-81 Engine • – ZIP/PDF – 4.5 Mb • – ZIP/PDF – 3.2 Mb • – PDF – 1 Mb • – PDF – 1.2 Mb Subaru EA-82 Engine • – PDF – 5.2 Mb • – PDF – 4 Mb Subaru EJ-22 Engine • – PDF – 1.3 Mb • – ZIP/PDF – 4.5 Mb • – ZIP/PDF – 3.5 Mb • – ZIP/PDF – 5.5 Mb • – ZIP/PDF – 3.6 Mb • – PDF – 1.5 Mb Subaru EJ-25 Engine • – ZIP – 28 Mb – Thanks Jim Pollard! • – ZIP – 48 Mb – Thanks Jim Pollard! I read your blog about the Subaru’s and totally agree with what you said. Being an engineer, I once was a proponent of the “alternative engine” and was going to use one in my Thorp T-18. I bought an EJ-22 for another project that did not work out, and was planning on Turbocharging it and all of that.

    I spent endless hours researching PSRU’s, cooling systems, EFI systems and other stuff. I prepared a beautiful CAD drawing showing how I was going to install it and cool it in my T-18basically a belly scoop with radiators mounted aft with plenums.sort of P-51 style. What stopped me was that one day I found a T-18 on EBAY with a Subaru engine. When I communicated with the guy who was selling it, he said he was selling it for his deceased father, and it worked OK, but he was having to take a financial bloodbath because no one wanted to buy this airplane because of the alternative engine. Basically, what he had done is taken a very good design, and “bastardized” it with an alternative engine. That made me stop and think, and eventually buy a used Lycoming.

    It is still a project, but I am now on the right track. Now I look back and think of all of the PSRU manufactures I have seen come and go. It is a pretty long list. Hi Jon, I am up to overhauling the Revmaster engine on the Q2 and a local guy is interested in buying the engine and prop. I was reading about Raven redrives (now owned by a guy in Canada) and they have a drive that is made for the EJ22.

    Ea Repair Manual

    I can pick up an engine locally with or without the computers and wring harnesses. 2015 Isuzu Elf Truck Owner Manual. Given that the Hp on the engine is around 173 @5800 it has plenty of poke. Two questions: 1. Do you think that going for the conversion a good idea given your experience. I have heard bad reports about the revmaster being way under powered for the Q2 and mine was last weighed (2002 by a previous owner and the engine was zero timed by Revmaster) weighing in at 607 lbs.

    What documentation (if any or procedures are available for the conversion? Sorry if these are how long is a piece of string questions. All the best Paul. Hi Paul, The big question is: Do you want to mechanic/tinker/fabricate/repair or do you want to fly? If you want to fly, put an O-200 in it and have a blast! My Q2 with a normally aspirated, direct-drive EJ-22 was heavy. In my opinion, adding the weight of re-drive would put over the top (into the range of dangerous/unworkable).

    If you are a super scrounger and fabricator, that EJ-22 and re-drive is likely to cost you close to $10k (trust me, the expenses you do not anticipate really add up). You can put an O-200 on it for similar money – maybe a bit more. I know aircraft engines aren’t the cheapest nor the highest-tech but they do work though and quiet well. Having had two engine out landings with Quickies – I can tell you that it is not the greatest airplane for an experimental engine.