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    Johnson Hd25 Owners Manual

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    Johnson Hd25 Owners Manual pdf now available for download. Grab this Johnson Hd25 Owners Manual ebook in PDF, ePub, doc, PDF, DjVu and txt file format. Wait for the manual for that one. I'm afraid I have no source for the springs, but that reminded me of this post. Johnson SeaHorse HD-25 Questions.

    View parts diagrams and shop online for J25RCRD: 1984 Johnson Outboards 25. Offering discount prices on OEM parts for over 45 years. FAST $3.95 shipping available. Re: Johnson SeaHorse HD-25 Questions Thanks Paul, She runs, but in the long run will probably need to be rebuilt. The tiny springs on top of the pull start are shot and that is what I will be searching for first. Parts List HD 25. Parts List JW 10. Parts List TN 25 & 26. Early 1950's Johnson TN General Instructions.

    Re: Johnson SeaHorse HD-25 Questions These older, smaller Johnson engines seem to run forever without wearing out. Usually the death that befalls an outboard is from neglect alone. If you have decent compression right now and you take care of it, you can expect a long service life from your outboard. Fuel oil mix is 24:1. 2013 Rx350 Manual.

    Use 87 octane gas and TC-W3 outboard oil. I belive the original ratio was 16:1. Spark plugs should be Champion J8C gapped at.030'. The original plug, J8J, was superceeded by the J8C. It's easily found. I'm not sure about the lower unit lube on that one. Some of those early ones used a very light grease 'lubriplate 105' rather than oil.

    Wait for the manual for that one. I'm afraid I have no source for the springs, but that reminded me of this post: would be one of the first places I would look for those springs, along with Google 'Stone and Sons Marine' too - they've often got hard to find, NOS parts. Hope this helps!

    Original Vintage Johnson Repair Parts Catalog For Model HD-25 NOS (Sellers Inventory no. B111212) For sale, we are offering an original, vintage repair parts catalog for Johnson, Model HD-25 outboard motors. This is a new/old stock parts catalog from a local marine and small motor business and is filled with great diagrams, as well as information relevant to these classic outboard motors. While transporting these brochures, catalogues and sell sheets, we noted a oil smell that had permeated the paper, reminding me of the dark small rooms that were so full of the racks and boxes and bits and pieces that made up the old stock of this business. It reminds me of the marinas I use to hang around as a kid. Condition: This parts catalog is new/old stock, with light discoloration and small rust stains from the staples. Please enlarge the pictures to determine it's condition.

    ** Please note: The photos are watermarked 'Black Cat Antiques'. This logo is superimposed on the photos only and is not present on the actual manual.

    Size: The catalog measures approximately 10.5' high by 8.5' wide. Oil Pump Manual there. Of Pages: 11 Be sure to check the photographs for relevant information such as makes and models covered.