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    Mercury 5 0 Efi Manual

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    Will the exhaust manifold fit on the chevy 305are you not reading the replies? You have been given the answer multiple times lets educate you on the GM small block chevy 5.0 IS 305 cubic inches 5.7 is 350 cubic inches all small block chevy engines have the same exterior dimensions. So the exhaust manifolds will fit any small block head from 1957 to today from any displacement of 265 cubic inches to 434 cubic inches you have a 5.0 EFI which is 305 cubic inches.

    The bore is 3.736' and the stroke is 3.48' due to the small bore, the heads are 5.0 liter specific (smaller combustion chamber, smaller valves, smaller intake plenum size). However the exhaust ports are the same.

    NOTE: Not all models listed below, see links for additional MerCruiser Models Mercruiser GM V8 454 cid 7. Dodge Grand Caravan 2017 Mechanical Manual. 4L 502 cid 8.2L Service Manual Service Manual Application: Gen. VI Engines Sterndrive (MCM) Models: MCM 454 Mag MPI (Serial Number 0L010029 & Up), MCM 502 Mag MPI (Serial Number 0L017000 & Up). Inboard (MIE) Models: MIE 454 Mag MPI Horizon (Serial Number 0L002200 & Up), MIE 8.2L MPI (Serial Number 0L002450 & Up). L-29 Engines - Sterndrive (MCM) Model: MCM 7.4L MPI (Serial Number 0L010003 & Up). Inboard (MIE) Model: MIE 7.4L MPI (Serial Number 0L002006 & Up).

    1 Service Manual Applications: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 Mercury MerCruiser 5.0L, 5.7L, 6.2L MPI Gasoline Multiport Injection Engine. Service Manual #31 Part Number 90-864260. Exact model application: Models Application: Sterndrive (MCM) starting with serial number OM300000 and above, 5.0L MPI Alpha and Bravo, 350 MAG MPI Alpha and Bravo, 350 MAG MPI Alpha and Bravo Horizon, MX 6.2 MPI, MX 6.2 MPI Horizon, Inboard and Dow Sports (MIE) starting with serial number OM310000, 350 MAG MPI Inboard, 350 MAG MPI Horizon Inboard, MX 6.2 MPI Inboard, MX 6.2 MPI Horizon Inboard and 350 MAG MPI Tow Sports. 1983-1990 MerCruiser R MR Alpha One & Alpha SS Sterndrive Manual Service Manual Application: 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 MerCruiser #6 Service Manual for Sterndrive Units R-MR-Alpha One & Alpha One SS, MC 120R/140B/185R/488R/898R/228R/260R Serieal Number - 62289, MC 120MR/140MR/170MR/185MR/190MR/200MR/230MR/260MR/300 Tempest MR Serieal Number - 6849290 0A471374, MC Alpha One/Alpha One SS Serieal Number 0A471375 and Above. 1988-1998 MerCruiser Bravo Sterndrives Service Manual Sterndrive Service Manual Application: 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 & 1998 MerCruiser #11 Bravo, Bravo One Sterndrive Unit Serial # B664190 and Above, Bravo Two Sterndrive Unit Serial # B892613 and Above, Bravo Three Sterndrive Unit Serial # D763691 and Above, Bravo Transom Assembly (Standard) Serial # * B673048 and Above, Bravo Transom Assembly (High Performance) Serial # D796083 and Above, Bravo Transom Assembly (Magnum) Serial # K104738 and Above.

    Some Standard Bravo Transom Assemblies could have been converted to High Performance Transom Assemblies by use of a High Performance Gimbal Ring Kit (822374A2). Refer to Transom Assembly sections of this manual for identification information. 1991 2007 MerCruiser ALPHA 1 Gen 2 Sterndrive Service Manual Service Manual Application: Mercury Mercruiser Service Manual #14 (#-14, Number 14) 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007 Alpha 1 Generations II (Gen 2, Gen II, Gen Two) Outdrive, Sterndrive (Stern Drive) Unit. Mercury Mercruiser Bravo + Sport Master Service Repair Manual Service Manual Application: All Bravo Models (Serial Number 0M100000 and Above) + Sport Master Models (Serial Number 0M052945 and Above). Mercury Mercruiser Bravo One,Two,Three + Transom Service Manual Service Manual Application: Bravo One, Bravo One X, Bravo One X Diesel, (Serial Number 0M198373 and Above). Bravo One XR (Serial Number 0W240000 and Above).

    Lookup MerCruiser engine & stern drive by engine model. You may also visit the Boat Motor Manuals section of our site to obtain a service manual. Find your ideal Mercury Prop in 5. The 15 and 20hp EFI. The future of boating changed last month at the Miami International Boat Show when Mercury Marine. Manual Mercruiser 5.0 Efi 1997) 5.7L EFI Gen+ (1997) Service Manual My 2000 Bayliner Trophy 2352 is powered by SENSORS FOR MERCRUISER (5.0L EFI ALPHA/BRAVO 5.7L EFI.

    Bravo Two, Bravo Two X, Bravo Two X Diesel, Bravo Three, Bravo Three X, Bravo Three X Diesel (Serial Number 0M198373 and Above). Bravo Three XR (Serial Number 0W240000 and Above). Transom Standard (Serial Number 0W173658 and Above) Transom High Performance(Serial Number 0W150260 and Above) Mercury Mercruiser D1.7L DTI Service Repair Manual Service Manual Application: D1.7L DTI ( Serial Number OM055001 and Above) Mercury Mercruiser In-ine Diesel D2.8L D4.2L D-Tronic Manual Service Manual Applicaiton: Sterndrive (MCM) Models: D2.8L D-Tronic (Serial Number 0K000001 and Above), D4.2L D-Tronic (Serial Number 0K000001 and Above).

    Inboard (MIE) Models: D2.8L D-Tronic (Serial Number 0K000001 and Above), D4.2L D-Tronic (Serial Number 0K000001 and Above). Introduction These manuals contains an introductory description on and procedures for the inspection, service and overhaul of its main components. General knowledge information is not included. Please read the GENERAL INFORMATION section to familiarize yourself with basic information concerning the inboard engine or stern drive. Read and refer to the other sections in this manual for information regarding proper inspection and service procedures. • These manuals have been prepared using the latest information available at the time of publication.

    If a modification has been made since then, differences may exist between the content of these manuals and the actual inboard or stern drive. • Illustrations in these manuals are used to show the basic principles of operation and work procedures. • These manuals are intended for use by technicians who already possess the basic knowledge and skills to service inboard or stern drive motors and components. Persons without such knowledge and skills should attempt with caution to service any component or engine by relying on this manual only. Never attempt to perform any work with out the assistance of a service manual. Apprentice mechanics or do-it-yourself mechanics that don’t have the proper tools and equipment may or may not be able to properly perform the services described in this manual. Improper repair may result in injury to the mechanic and may render the engine unsafe for the boat operator and passengers.

    Maintenance Schedules NOTE: Only perform maintenance which applies to your particular power package. Maintenance Intervals Maintenance intervals and the corresponding tasks to be performed, as shown in this current schedule or as found in a previously printed schedule, are generally based on an average boating application and environment. However, individual operating habits and personal maintenance preferences can have an impact on the suggested intervals. In consideration of these factors, Mercury MerCruiser has adjusted some maintenance intervals and the corresponding tasks to be performed. In some cases, this may allow for more individual tasks in a single visit to the servicing dealer. Therefore, it is very important that the boat owner and the servicing dealer discuss the current Maintenance Schedule and develop appropriate maintenance intervals to coincide with the individual operating habits, the environment and the maintenance requirements. Routine Maintenance Check the crankcase oil (interval can be extended based on experience).

    If operating in salt, brackish or polluted waters, flush the cooling system after each use. Check the drive unit oil level, the trim pump oil level and the power steering pump fluid level. Check the water inlets for debris or marine growth. Check the seawater strainer and clean. Check the coolant level. Inspect the drive unit anodes and replace if 50 percent eroded.

     Lubricate the propeller shaft and retorque the nut (if operating in only freshwater, this maintenance may be extended to every four months). Operating in Saltwater Only: treat the engine surface with corrosion guard.  Check the battery connections and the fluid level.

     Ensure that the gauges and the wiring connections are secure. Ford Escape 2015 4 By 4 Workshop Manual on this page. Clean the gauges. Scheduled Maintenance Touch-up paint the power package and spray with corrosion guard.

    Change the crankcase oil and filter.  Change the drive unit oil and retorque the connection of the gimbal ring to the steering shaft. Replace the fuel filters.