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    Palfinger Crane Manual

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    Consult Palfinger's entire PK 15500 catalogue. THE PK 15500 PERFORMANCE ALREADY MEETS THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE FUTURE EN 12999 CRANE STANDARD PK 15500.

    As an international group PALFINGER offers its customers around the world hydraulic lifting solutions at the interfaces of the transport chain. At the moment PALFINGER operates business in 17 sectors: loader cranes, EPSILON timber and recycling cranes, marine cranes, davit systems, winches and offshore equipment, offshore cranes, boats, wind cranes, hooklifts, access platforms, tail lifts, passenger lifts, mobile cranes, truck bodies, roap access professionals, railway systems, truck mounted forklifts as well as attachments and equipment for increasing crane efficiency.

    Palfinger Crane Manual

    For detailed information about our products for LAND and SEA have a look at and Here you can find out more about the individual business sectors of PALFINGER. General text: Properties, characteristics EPSILON focuses on the construction of cranes for tough and multi-shift operations. The main feature is to load and unload trucks within the forestry, recycling as well as the construction industry. The cranes can be installed on Trucks (front- or rear mounted), on forestry machines or on a stationary place.

    Depending on the field of application each crane can be equipped with various grab- types. EPSILON cranes are characterized by an enormous range, high speed and exceptional lifting power. In recent years the company developed and introduced several patented solutions which quickly became standards in its field. Theses inventions included new designs of telescope systems (EPSCOPE), rotator heads (EPSLINK) and boom systems (Easy Fold, Triple-Z) which led to sustainable changes within the industry.

    Palfinger Crane ManualPalfinger Crane Manual

    To guarantee the highest quality and most efficient solutions to our customers, we focus on three pillars, namely DESIGN, COMFORT and TECHNIQUE within the field of research and development. By using inside house routing and a pillar mechanism that is entirely immersed in an oil bath, maintenance costs can be reduced drastically in specific areas.

    The new generation of operator seats “Master Drive” increases the user friendliness by providing the operator full control and a protected use for each operation. 2018 Volvo S60 Service And Repair Manual. Additionally, EPSHOOD, the newly developed operators’’ security hood allows operation at the high seat at each weather condition, no matter if wind, sun or rain. Moreover, when on the road, the thermoplastic hood covers the Master Drive seat und protects it from dust and dirt. EPSILON cranes is market leader in the areas of short and long wood haulage as well as in the off-road area (Chipper-, Forwarder-, Skidder-, Harvester- and Tractor application), Scrap manipulation, Container handling and Clam shell bucket application. Due to worldwide distribution and the increasing internationalization, markets such as North- and South America, Eastern Europe as well as Asia are gaining more importance for the future.

    Production: Maribor (SI), Tenevo (BG), Cherven Brjag (BG) Assembly: Elsbethen (AT), Caxis do Sul (BRA) Main industries: Forestry, Recycling, Construction Industry, Municipalities, Disposal Industry, Use of Biomass History: EPSILON was founded in Regenstauf, Germany, in 1980. In 1988, it was partly acquired by PALFINGER. Since 2000 the products get manufactured in the new production facility located in Elsbethen, Austria. In 2015 the assembly capacities of the location got expanded. The new innovation center improves further development in international markets at the highest level of quality.

    Markets: Worldwide. Europe is still the leading market for EPSILON Timber and Recycling Cranes, whereas Russia, Asia as well as North- and South America have great potential for growth. Market position: market and technology leader, Timber and Recycling Cranes #1 Environmental and safety features of the product: Innovation: • EPSCOPE: EPSILON´s patented telescope system with internally routed protected hoses and extension cylinder mounted inside telescopes, offers safe working without facing the risk of mechanical damage on hoses and cylinder. • EPSLINK: EPSILON´s patented link-rotator combination with internally routed hoses offers maximum protection during work for the hoses between crane and grab.

    • Linkage System Z-boom Loaders: The linkage between column and main boom gives constant moving speed of the main boom over the entire working area. Moreover the lifting capacity in the upper working positions, is up to 60% higher compared to loaders without linkage. • Linkage System L-boom Loaders: The linkage between main and knuckle boom gives constant moving speed of the knuckle boom over the entire working area.

    Moreover the moving angle of the knuckle boom increases to more than 180°. Therefore loader can be parked in V-boom position. Safety features: • Master Drive: PALFINGER EPSILON has once again raised the bar for comfort and user-friendliness with a new high seat. Masterdrive enables the operator to enjoy full control of all operational commands. Thanks to the benefits of the most sophisticated design and technology this crane can be operated with a minimum of effort. The ergonomic shape of the comfortable and convenient mechanical suspension high seat guarantees great comfort, and the multifunctional arm rest puts every command at the operator’s fingertips. • EPSCAB: The command centre for highest demands.

    It offers protection for every weather condition and provides highest comfort through a hydraulically elevating cabin and an air-suspended seat. Depending on personal preference, the crane can be hydraulically piloted or electrically controlled, thereby offering even greater variety and precision.

    • ESPHOOD: The EPSHOOD crane operator hood is a newly developed weather shield and gives the driver excellent protection from the elements while operating the crane. The tinted thermoplastic hood keep out the sun, rain and wind during the whole operating process, making every job a pleasant and comfortable experience. Reduction of expenditures for maintenance and service: • Inside hose routing: No other crane manufacture can offer anything like the ease of service and technical convenience provided by PALFINGER EPSILON. The unique inside hose routing enables crane operators to gain quick and easy on-the-job service access. Inside hose routing also reduces the risk of damage to the hoses.

    Service openings on the crane make replacement a simple task and help to save time and money. • Crane column in an oil bath: The newly designed crane column mounting ensures the entire pillar mechanism is immersed in an oil bath. This has very positive effects on maintenance requirements and a tangible impact upon internal maintenance expenditure. • Cylinder protection: The entire EPSILON Z-Cranes are equipped as standard with elevating cylinder and knuckle-boom cylinder protection. L-Cranes, F- as well as R-Cranes with knuckle-boom cylinder protection. Marine crane PALFINGER offers a comprehensive product range of knuckle boom, stiff boom and telescopic cranes for variable applications.

    PALFINGER products are designed to withstand extremely high strain in order to meet the safety standards and extreme environmental conditions of the marine industry. Functional design, easy maintenance and fast operational readiness are key benefits of PALFINGER marine cranes. Cost-efficient manufacturing in state-of-the-art production facilities and the use of high-quality materials guarantee our customers top-class products that can be certified by a number of classification societies. Properties, characteristics PALFINGER MARINE offers a comprehensive product range of knuckle boom, stiff boom and telescopic boom cranes for variable applications.